New Blog, Who Dis?

Welcome, folks. Nice to have you here. If we haven’t yet met, I’m Ethan, a culture explorer, facilitator, “museum guy” and experience hunter. I’ve been doing odd things in the culture sector for the last decade, from actor, to tour guide, to museum consultant, to professor, to whatever-the-hell this was.

For the moment, I’m working with organizations to be smart about talking to audiences, building experiences and communicating better. Whether it’s a museum, a corporate group or a bunch of people who want to drink some beer, I’m creating unique experiences over short periods of time that educate, entertain and change.

I’m hoping to document some of my ideas about culture programming here. Right now, everything seems to be around audience development and interpretation – or, basically, talking to people and making them feel included.

Expect well-formed thoughts, explosions, and completely off-tangent blustering, too.

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